Greetings & Portfolio

     Hello! My name is Avery Sherrill, the creator of Bat Cave Blades. I take great satisfaction in manufacturing high quality knives and tools. I let form, function and dependability be the guiding tenants behind my designs. I use a blend of CNC and manual operations in my work, all of my bevels and edges are hand ground. I enjoy combining modern manufacturing with traditional methods of design and workmanship. Everything I produce is engineered and manufactured in Bat Cave, North Carolina with inspiration from my natural environment.

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On this page you will find a curated collection of my past creations. Not every object I have made is represented here, but this provides an overarching view of my work. Please look through these albums. If you see something in the archive you like, reach out to me with the form at the bottom of this page. I will be able to make you something similar with your own custom twist, or something completely new! You can always reach me directly at Thank you for your support!

KaramBats, my spin on a functional karambit. These S30V blades can be used for protection, hunting or camping. They have very robust grind angles angled towards surviving heavy abuse, however they are scalpel sharp. KramBats are made with a blend of handwork and CNC, Hand ground as always.

Mk.2 Folders, This was my first completed design. I started my knife making journey with folders assuming that if I could make something with that complexity, I could make fixed blades and other designs for certain. The Mk.2 folders have S30V blades, Titanium handles, back-spacers, pocket clips and pivots screws. Mk.2’s run on stainless steel caged ball bearings with hardened steel washers against the titanium scales. This design is overbuilt with longevity and functionality up front.

Rhodo, is my interpretation of a machete made specifically for exploring the Temperate Rainforest of Western North Carolina (my natural environment). Designed to make short work of brush, saplings and small trees with ease.

JakeChete, was commissioned by a great friend and supporter of mine. We started with the Rhodo design and added a recurve cutting edge, bottle opener and changed the weight distribution.